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157th Founders’ Day Celebration

The Founders’ Day of Boys’ High School (BHS) and College and Girls’ High School and College was celebrated with great pride, fanfare and enthusiasm on Monday, November 5th, 2018. The day marked a significant milestone in the history of the school as it celebrated the 157th year of Founders’ Day. On this solemn occasion, an impressive Thanksgiving Service was held at the historic All Saints’ Cathedral. The Thanksgiving Service was attended by Principals, teachers and students of Boys’ High School (BHS) and College, its annexe, Holy Trinity School (HTS) and Girls’ High School (GHS) and College. Rt. Rev. (Dr.) Peter Baldev, Bishop Diocese of Lucknow blessed the school...

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Alfresco 2018

Three-day Inter-Institutional Cultural and Games Extravaganza, ‘Alfresco-2018’ begins at BHS amidst great fanfare

Prof. Yogeshwar Tiwari, Head, Department of Medieval and Modern History, University of Allahabad stressed on the importance of social values and termed it as the binding force of society. He was speaking as chief guest at the opening ceremony of the three-day Inter-Institutional Cultural and Games Extravaganza, ‘Alfresco-2018’, on Thursday. The Secretary, Allahabad High School Society, Rev. G. Daud was the Guest of Honour.

Prof. Tiwari praised Boys’ High School and College for providing a platform to the students to showcase their talent and learn from their fellow participants. He asked the students to display humility in winning and dignity in loosing...

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Annual Hindi Elocution Competition for classes IX to XII

The Annual Hindi Elocution competition for classes IX to XII was held on Friday, October 12, 2018. The judges for the classes IX and X were Mrs. U. Tripathi, Mrs. S. Bhattacharya and Mr. S. Chintamani, whereas for the classes XI and XII, the judges were Mrs. K. Agarwal, Mrs. M. Malviya and Mr. B. N. Tewari. The winners are as follows: Class IX: Mayank Tripathi (IX-B)-1st, Shashwat Laloriya (IX-A)-2nd, Shivam Srivastava (IX-E)-3rd; Class X: Harsh Vardhan Singh (X-A)-1st, Ashutosh Singh (X-C)-2nd, Raghav Arora (X-G)-3rd; Class XI: Jeevesh Dubey-1st, Abhinandan Verma-2nd, Prakhar Srivastava-3rd; Class XII: Pratyush Mishra-1st, Snehil Tiwari-2nd, Harsh Gaur-3rd.

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Annual Commerce Exhibition.

Boys' High School and College, Allahabad द्वारा इस दिन पोस्ट की गई शुक्रवार, 28 सितंबर 2018

The Annual Commerce Exhibition was organised on Friday, September 28, 2018 for Class IX to XII. The exhibition was held in three categories – Working Model, Non-Working Model and Power Point presentation. More than 200 students took part in the exhibition. The judges were C.A. Mr. Sanjay Khanduja, C.S. Mr. Anil Kumar and Mr. K. Ghildayal...

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Teacher’s Day Celebration

A memorable day — Teachers who have rendered 25 years of service to the school with the Principal, Mr. D. A. Luke and Academic Supervisor, Mrs. C. B. Luke

Boys' High School and College, Allahabad द्वारा इस दिन पोस्ट की गई बुधवार, 5 सितंबर 2018

Teacher’s Day was celebrated at Boys’ High School (BHS) and College on Wednesday , September 5, 2018 with great fevour and zeal...

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