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The chief guest was warmly received by the Principal, Mr. D. A. Luke and the Academic Supervisor, Mrs. C. B. Luke. Smartly dressed NCC cadets presented guard of honour to the chief guest.

Immaculately dressed chosen badge-holders marched in unison with pride and a sense of accomplishment. The ceremony started with a welcome address by Mr. L.A.M. French, In-charge, College Section. In her brief address, she threw ligth on the importance of investiture ceremony and accorded a warm welcome to the Chief Guest, Mr. Moore, Rev. G. Daud, dignitaries present on this solemn occasion, students and teachers. This was followed with Bible reading by Ankur Jasper Moses. 

In his edifying speech, the Chief Guest Mr Moore encouraged the students to be channels of peace and stressed on the importance of secularism as the core of brotherhood. He also appealed to the students to be supportive and magnimous towards their brethern. He motivated the students to achieve the very best in life in whatever field one chooses and keep the flag of the school flying high. Emphasizing the role of an institution, teachers, family and society in shaping one's life, he said that it is the moral duty of every one to repay it by contributing your services for the progress and development of the nation. He also said that character with universal values of truth and impartiality will ensure that each office-bearer does his work efficiently. 

The College Captain, Saksham Srivastava took the oath on behalf of the newly appointed colour holders and pledged their solidarity in uplifting the honour and glory of their Alma Mater.

The function came to an end with a vote of thanks by the Principal, Mr. D. A. Luke, followed by an inspirational prayer and benediction by Rev. Gabriel Daud, Secretary of Allahabad High School Society and singing of the National Anthem. The function was conducted by Mr. L.A.M. French, In-charge, College Section. 

The newly appointed office-bearers are as follows: College Captain: Saksham Srivastava, 12B; College Vice-captain: Syed Zulfiquar Ullah, 12B; Sports Captain: Divya Prakash, 12C; Cultural Captain: Utkarsh Kapoor, 12E; Cultural Vice-captain: Shreyas Srivastava, 12D; Literary Club Prefects: XI: Tanishk Goyal, Naman Agarwal; XII: Tushar Srivastava, Shreyas Srivastava; Blue House Captain: Gaurav Kela, 12D, Vice-captain: Nikhil Sahu, 12C; Green House Captain: Rishabh Jain, 12C, Vice-captain: Syed Wali Ullah, 12C; Yellow House Captain: Mohit Gupta, 12E; Vice-captain: Shakti Singh, 12B; Red House Captain: Abdullah Tariq, 12B, Vice-captain: Manish Kumar Rai, 12B; Cultural Prefects: Nishant Chandra, 12E, Neelush Singh, 12E, Anmol Sinha, 12A, Aditya Ojha, 12A, Mohd Sameer, 12C, Swarnim Balfore, 12D, Akshat Sisodia, 12E, Shubh Bhargava, 11D, Shobit Singh Verma, 11C, Shashwat Gopesh, 11C, Ryan Wesley, 11E, Yuvraj Grover, 11E, Priyam Srivastava, 11C; School Prefects: XI-A: Pratyaksh Kapoor, Aditya Mukherjee, Kumar Uddyeshya; XI-B: Amos J Chintamani; XI-C: Utkarsh Kant, Prakhar Singh, Abhijeet Nath; XI-D: Akshat Nigam, Tanishq Goyal, Shubham Singh, Dipt Prakash, Naman Agarwal; XI-E: Raghvendra Mishra, XI-F: Sumit Singh, Ayush Yadav; X-A: Aditya Utpal Das; X-B: Sanchit Upadhyaya, Ali Mehdi Zaidi; X-C: Suryansh Srivastava, Mazhar Hasan, Aryansh Gajendra; X-D: Amit Pandey, Rakshit Robins; X-E: Rakshak Gupta; X-F: Chirag Kesarwani, Abdul Ahad Khan; X-G: Divas Mishra, Shaikh Mohd Saquib, Maanas Bhadauria, Harsh Gaur, Yash Pandey; X-H: Ved Prakash Srivastava, Pranav Srivastava, Pratyush Mishra; NCC Rank Holders: SUO Rishab Jain, BHM Mohit Gupta, CHM Saksham Srivastava, SGT Nikhil Sahu, Cor Vaibhav Arora, Cor Anand Pandey, Cor Mohit Punetha.


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