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The judges were Dr. Najeeb–al–Hasan, H.O.D of Computer Science IERT and Dr. Rahul Kala of Robotic Faculty IIITA. The judges were highly impressed by the performance of the participants. They minutely observed the works of the participants and asked questions related to their work.

The judges first judged the participants of the softec. In softec, there were two participants in a group and who made a program based on any language they knew on a simple educational game which would help children between the age of 11 to 14 to study and enhance their knowledge.

The winners of the Softec were Anuj Verma and Akshat kumar Kesarwani of XII-A who came first. There was a tie for the second position which was given to Jatin Arora and Anshal Ahmad of XII-A and Shubanshu Chaddha and Vaibhav Mathur of XI-A. The third position was bagged by Shrey Sinha and Rajan Jaiswal of XI-A.


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