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Knowledge of English grammar and language of the participants came to the fore at the Spell Bee competition where the participants have to prove themselves the best among the rest on dictation, correct the spelling, spell it right, pronounce it right, what is the apt word and rapid fire round. 

Next to take the stage were one of the most entertaining and lively event, Dumb Charades, in which each team consisting of three members were given a slip on Old English songs (80’s and 90’s) with Tag line and books. One member of the team mimes, enacts or gesticulates and the other two guess. No lip movement or speaking was allowed. The event was a grand spectacle exhibiting the expression of thoughts of young minds via their amazing dramatics skills.

This was followed by an English Elocution competition where the participants were asked to read “An extract or speech of participant’s choice” and were judged on unseen, fluency, pronunciation, memory, delivery and impact. 

The much sought after event of the day, Group Dance stole the show. The theme of group dance was 'Gadgets’ and the participants were judged for degree of difficulty, choreography, synchronization, costume and incorporation of theme and overall impression. The participants danced their way to glory, proving their sense of style, rhythm and control. While each performance was praiseworthy, the group that walked away with first prize was BHS. 

In the Body Art competition, the contestants proved their mettle and class with brush and colours. The theme of the competition and “An Alien”. The participants were judged for concept, costume and colour combination, creativity and originality of the depicted theme, neatness and overall impression. One participant painted and decorated the face and body with accessories and costumes in such a manner that the painted area along with headgear and proper costume presented an extra-terrestrial being that is, an alien. 

The results of the various events are as follows: Quiz: Kapil Ojha, Syed Mohd. Abrar Hussain (BHS)-I, Ashutosh Sahai, Mohd. Shadaan (IPEM)-II; Spell Bee: Pratyush Mishra, Tanmay Maheshwari (BHS)-I, Nandini Shahi, Oorjaa Mishra (GHS)-II; Dumb Charades: Ishan, Shreyansh, Siddhant (IPEM)-I, Akshat, Manan, Mazhar (BHS)-II; Game Storming: SJC-I, IPEM-II; Body Art: Maitri Goel, Tarun Virani (IPEM)-I, Kartikey Yadav, Shivaji Anand (BHS)-II; English Elocution: Harsh Gaur (BHS)-I, Varad Agarwal (SJC)-II; Group Dance: BHS-I, GHS-II.


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