A Tribute to Teachers

In an emotionally charged atmosphere, the fraternity of Boys’ High School and College bid adieu to its three magnificent teachers — Mrs. I. Newton, Mrs. J. Lahiri and Mr. K.Ghildyal on their superannuation.

The Principal, Mr. D. A. Luke felicitated Mrs. I. Newton, Mrs. J. Lahiri and Mr. K. Ghildyal for their selfless service to the school. He presented bouquets, momentos in recognition of their dedicated service.

A senior teacher of the school and In-charge of the Middle Section, Mr. I. Saunders recalled the services of the three teachers. He said, “everyone here knows that you don’t go into teaching to make a lot of money. People become a teacher to make a difference in the students that are in their class, to teach them so that they can accomplish their goals and become whatever they want to be in this world. Good teacher can make an ordinary student dream to do extraordinary things.”

He further added that “A teacher will always be a teacher.” Retirement for a teacher means giving up a job, not giving up the right to teach. Even after retirement, a teacher continues to impart knowledge and wisdom to the students.

Mrs. I. Newton joined the school in 1990 and served the school for 27 years. During these 27 years, she made a difference in the lives of hundreds of children. She adopted innovative ways of teaching and got the students involved and interested in learning. After her retirement the students will miss her as their mentor, friend and nurturer.

Mr. K. Ghildyal joined the school in 1981 and served this institution for almost 35 years. He was instrumental in starting the Commerce section in Boys’ High School and College. An incredibly creative person, Mr. Ghildyal helped the students to prepare for fine art competitions and other co-curricular activities. He will be most fondly remembered by all.

Mrs. J. Lahiri joined the school in 1975 and served this institution with loyalty and dedication for 41 years. Her selfless service to the school will always be fondly remembered and cherished by all those she taught and worked with. Education is one thing but she gave the students much more. She inspired the students beyond limits and helped them to rise against all odds. She leaves behind a rich legacy of extra-ordinary sincerity and utmost integrity.

In the end, the Principal Mr. D. A. Luke wished Mrs. I. Newton, Mrs. J. Lahiri and Mr. K. Ghildyal “A Very Happy And Contented Retired Life.”