Inter House Science Quiz 2017

The Inter House Science Quiz organized by the Science Club of Boys’ High School and College, was held in the Middle School Hall on Saturday, August 12, 2017. Each house namely, St. Andrew’s House (Blue House), St. Patrick’s House (Green House), St. George’s House (Red House), St. Peter‘s House (Yellow House) were represented by their respective teams comprising three members.
The Principal, Mr. D.A. Luke, inaugurated the competition and wished the participants luck for their success. He said that such competitions go a long way in nurturing the scientific talents of the students. The Academic Supervisor, Mrs. C.B. Luke was also present to witness the Battle of Grey Cells.
The function started with a welcome address by the Science Club President, Parimal Agarwal, followed by the prayer by Mr. J Lawrence. Vaibhav Mathur and Amos Chintamani presented bouquets to the Principal and the Academic Supervisor.
The order of the teams was decided through Draw of Lots. In all, the quiz competition consisted of five rounds namely, Warm Up Round, Pick your Choice, Who Am I?, Science Fiction Movies and Rapid Fire Round. The brain teasers questions were based on natural scientific processes, scientific instruments, discoveries, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Astrology, Nobel Laureates and many other categories. The programme was made lively and interesting by Dr. Mrs. A.R. Mukhopadhyaya and proved to be a learning experience for the students.
The Academic Supervisor, Mrs. C. B. Luke, distributed prizes to the winners. In her inspiring address she motivated the students to take part in such competitions as it goes a long way in the holistic development of their personality. She appreciated the hard work put in by the teachers and the students including the Computer Team comprising Pratyaksh kapoor, Aditya Mukherjee and Harshit Raj for the success of the programme.
The results are as follows : First – St. Andrew’s House (Sanchit Singh, Abhineet Pandey, Ankur Jasper Moses); Second – St. Peter’s House (Pragalbh Dev Singh, Divyansh Tiwari, Akhil Pandey); Third – St. Patrick’s House (Parimal Agarwal, Manas Agarwal, Shashwat Gopesh).