Annual Declamation Contest in English (Classes IX-XII)

The Annual Declamation Contest in English of Boys’ High School and College for classes IX to XII was held on Friday, August 25, 2017 in the Middle School Hall. The aim of the contest is to motivate and sharpen the speaking skills of the students.


Fascinating performances of the participants were seen throughout the competition. The judges for the competition were Mr. A. Saunders, Mr. O Wright and Mrs. J. French. The participants were judged in matter, diction, memory, pronunciation and overall impression.

The results are as follows:

Class IX

First: Adeeb Ali(IX-F)
Second: Suryansh Singh(IX-G)
Third: Ashutosh Singh (IX-C)

Class X

First: Abhinandan Verma(X-G)
Second: Jeevesh Dubey (X-F)
Third: Chitranksh Kapoor (X-B)

Class XI

First: Laksh Kawatra (XI-D)
Second: Harsh Gaur(XI-D)

Class XII

First: Ryan Samuel Wesley(XII-E)
Second: Abdul Karim (XII-A)