Hindi Elocution (Class V-VIII)

Hindi elocution competition for Boys’ High School and College was held on the 29th August, 2017. Participants from class V –VIII took part in the competition keeping in mind the several factors which are adjudged during a competition, the children focused on the various aspects like voice quality, speech content and delivery standard.
Poems from famous poets were chosen by the participants. To name a few ‘Shri Harivansh Rai Bachchan’ and ‘Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee’ were the poets whose works were learnt and well recited.
The students showed enthusiasm in reciting the poems and spoke eloquently with finesse. It certainly was an enjoyable experience for all those who participated. Poem like ‘Meri Maa’ recited by a class V student touched everybody’s heart.
In the end our eminent judge Mrs. U. Tripathi, Mr. B. M. Tiwari and Mrs. V. David praised the students for their confidence and congratulated them for their participation. Our Principal Mr. D. A. Luke and our Academic Supervisor Mrs. C. B. Luke, who are the integral part of Boys’ High School and College bestowed their blessing on the students and praised them for their outstanding performance.
The results were as follows:
Class V

1st Prize : Vaibhav Shukla (V-F)
2nd Prize : Himanshu (V-B)
3rd Prize : Avinandan Srivastava (V-B)
3rd Prize : Arav Shukla (V-D)
Class VI
1st Prize : Pratham Srivastava (VI-E)
2nd Prize : Sujal Singh (VI-E)
3rd Prize : Shrej Ji (VI-C)
Class VII
1st Prize : Swastik Chaudhary (VII-B)
2nd Prize : Ayushman Singh (VII-C)
2nd Prize : Arav Shukla (VII-C)
Class VIII
1st Prize : Shivansh Singhal (VIII-E)
2nd Prize : Subroto Rai (VIII-E)
3rd Prize : Satvik Srivastav (VIII-A)