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Annual Prize Day for 2017-18

Making it for the third consecutive year, Saint Andrew’s House children retained the prestigious Study Shield and the Cock House Shield.;5JzZ68HFfS8YYIxrcrNRaKmH2JwuYFugBYbJu6YaiP6DEUHhyeAeA8gD3HzCvD5TUAckBDlPpHUl42AK5EdVvLRcUxpOUn2JuccYt5qOgW6u~_I4QR8zFNJLVaAIVPH07Xh8X0wS~_62xQUAYV9I1ansJwcli9H7cht0TWVZxqxALdEL0DJqVMQ41FZkxS3aMkoCB41OTyQo7axgKJnpPqBzSEHjGgUhWuJF6BCmldW3qOMd63WA6vALTymnfEPoYWGNA~-~-.bps.a.2361913060499314/2361914157165871/?type=3&theater

It was a proud moment for the boys of Saint Andrew’s House who were awarded the prestigious Cock House Shield as well as the Study Shield for the third consecutive year at the Annual Prize Day function of Boys’ High School and College held on Thursday...

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