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The Allahabad Zone team proved their mettle and class in the boys category and dominated at the CISCE UP and UK Regional Swimming Meet 2019 with a clean sweep of Individual Championship trophies while in the girls category, the top honours went to Lucknow Zone-B team. Once again, the Lucknow Zone-B team retained the Overall Championship trophy while Allahabad Zone was the runners up. Harshit Nath (BHS) and Ayush Kumar Singh (BHS), both of Allahabad zone jointly bagged the Individual championship trophy for Senior boys category with four gold medals each. For Senior girls category, Ishita Bhargava of Uttrakhand zone won the Individual Championship trophy with 3 gold medals.

The three-day Swimming Meet, hosted by the Boys’ High School and College concluded here on Sunday. Prof (Dr.) Archana Chahal of the Department of Physical Education, University of Allahabad graced the closing ceremony as the chief guest. She was accorded a warm welcome by the Principal, Mr. D. A. Luke and the Academic Supervisor, Mrs. C. B. Luke.

In all, 240 swimmers from nine zones namely Agra, Allahabad (Alld), Bareilly, Gorakhpur, Lucknow (Zone-A and Zone-B), Kanpur (North), Meerut and Uttrakhand (UK) participated in this prestigious three-day Regional Swimming Championship.

The highlight of the gala closing ceremony was the Swim Past presented by the swimmers of Allahabad. The synchronization made by the swimmers of Boys’ High School and College in honour of the outstation teams was greeted with thunderous applause.

In her brief address, the chief guest, Prof Arachana Chahal congratulated the winners and stressed on the importance of participation in sports and games. She praised Boys’ High School and College for organizing the regional swimming in such grand scale and providing an opportunity to upcoming talents of Allahabad to excel in the art of swimming.

The function came to an end with a vote of thanks by the Principal, Mr. D. A. Luke followed by the singing of the National Anthem. The results are as follows:

Senior (Boys): 50m Free Style: Harshit Nath (Alld)—1st, Nishant Raj (UK)—2nd; 100m Free Style: Ayush Kumar Singh (Alld)—1st, Rajveer Awasthi (Lkn-B)—2nd; 200m Breast Stroke: Aryaman Bhatia (UK) & Shashwat Singh (Lkn-B)—1st; 100m Butterfly: Anwoy Datta (Alld)—1st, Abhijeet Raj (Alld)—2nd; 200m Individual Medley: Nishant Raj (UK)—1st, Nick Varghese (UK)—2nd;

Senior (Girls): 50m Free Style: Shubhi Singh (Alld)—1st, Priyanka Lal (Lkn-B)—2nd; 100m Free Style: Shubhi Singh (Alld)—1st, Priyanka Lal (Lkn-B)—2nd; 200m Breast Stroke: Aradhana Yadav (Lkn-B)—1st, Vedanti Singh (Lkn-B)—2; 100m Butterfly: Ishita Bhargava (UK)—1st, Samriddhi Srivastava (Lkn-B)—2nd; 200m Individual Medley: Aradhana Yadav (Lkn-B)—1st

Junior (Boys): Individual Championship: Bharat Aditya Ramana (Alld); 50m Free Style: Anshumaan (Alld)—1st, Shikhar Chaudhary (Alld)—2nd; 100m Free Style: Anshumaan (Alld)—1st, Shikhar Choudhary (Alld)—2nd; 200m Breast Stroke: Gupil Soni (Alld)—1st , Aman Srivastava (Lkn-B)—2nd ; 100m Butterfly: Arnav Mishra (Lkn-B)—1st, Anshumaan (Alld)—2nd; 200m Individual Medley: Arnav Mishra (Lkn-B)—1st, Atul Raj (UK)—2nd;

Junior (Girls): Individual Championship: Kritika Gewali (Lkn-B); 50m Free Style: Keshavi Chawla (Alld)—1st, Varinthon (UK)—2nd; 100m Free Style: Vandita Saran (Alld)—1st, Kakoli Atri (Alld)—2nd; 200m Breast Stroke: Kritika Gewali (Lkn-B)—1st , Vaishnavi Patel (Lkn-B)—2nd ; 100m Butterfly: Amber Singh (UK)—1st, Akriti Agarwal (Lkn-B)—2nd; 200m Individual Medley: Avidha Pandit (Lkn-B)—1st, Varinthon (UK)—2nd;

Sub Junior (Boys): Individual Championship: Harsh Purwar (Alld); 50m Free Style: Harsh Raj (Lkn-B)—1st, Atharv Singh (Alld)—2nd; 100m Free Style: Vidyansh Singh (Lkn-A)—1st, Digvijay Singh (UK)—2nd; 200m Breast Stroke: Ayan Yadav (Lkn-B)—1st , Syed Ata Abbas (Lkn-B)—2nd ; 100m Butterfly: Harsh Purwar (Alld)—1st, Atulya Gupta (Agra)—2nd; 200m Individual Medley: Vidyansh Singh (Lkn-A)—1st, Atul Parikar (Lkn-A)—2nd

Sub Junior (Girls): Individual Championship: Zoya Singh (UK); 50m Free Style: Nakshatra Tomar (Merrut)—1st, Ananya Pareek (UK)—2nd; 100m Free Style: Nakshatra Tomar (Merrut)—1st, Swarnima Agarwal (Lkn-B)—2nd; 200m Breast Stroke: Smriti Gupta (Lkn-B)—1st , Nusaybah Rizvi (Lkn-B)—2nd ; 200m Individual Medley: Nusaybah Rizvi (Lkn-B)—1st, Anushka Rana (Lkn-A)—2nd.