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International Commerce Olympiad

The second edition of International Commerce Olympiad was held at Boys High School and College on 29th Nov 2019. A total of sixty commerce under graduate of 11th and 12th took part in this prestigious examination. A host of questions ranging from commerce, accountancy, economics, logical reasoning and business awareness were asked.

Institute of Cost Accountants of India is the strategic partners of ICO, which is the Nodal agency for conducting these examinations. The objective of such tests are to hone the skills of students so that general awareness regarding contemporary issues are understood in a rational manner.

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Parents Marathon / Walkathon – 2019

A novel initiative was taken up by the Principal of Boys’ High School and College by organizing a marathon/walkathon for parents. Being himself a sportsman, the Principal, Mr. D. A. Luke took this step with the objective to spread awareness regarding the significance of good health.;~_TEILhJP4kX~;C5ZV4y0W51D~;G5l3jrCHjMxz~_FMrtZrLEAghFNr~_BHe~;DMWz6QyVQIbqheY6pinYCu~_Eh1DLCzWDo~_wc5oFdoig0OIqCJBz1PnRkhHH9QEEeLMi3III9BVgXl1swcZY8m3F9eAU6lRvx3oz3kaIPb~_VyCmHI8XQ57pRWBuFr3XYX4y65rwxfGQcYT2nTAGui~_5J~_FQb6KCFH5HYq310wotx28IO6eWzfX5gcqdk~_SNqDCnlKd4fQ57AujLAPH4Blxi~;cMJgX.bps.a.2854191917938090/2854194317937850/?type=3&theater

More than 400 parents enthusiastically ran the full course ...

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Economic Project Topic

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158th Founders’ Day Celebration

Boys’ High School (BHS) and College celebrated its 158th Founders’ Day and Thanksgiving Service with much fanfare and aplomb along with Girls’ High School (GHS) and College on Tuesday. The day marked a significant milestone in the history and heritage of the school which has been imparting education to the children since its establishment on November 5th, 1861.;jc21Vz6NyVHyAEbLEiggqP2O59ALeATwMQRrHE~_wTOvYJCxOEpgHYG1GDJCstwJ8VwoN5THomxMilgG7DLYZwugxcgJFqFl0WHA6Qphewu8GRMdWVCygToqmOUGkw5mCxUvQX23RG3ZByWjj9trhWsLxyaVTjo5klATSmtphg4DdmrLnh~_or2tudK9e~;Jz9elcptsd1Df56QU~;QY9wtac~;Cbdno2mXL1iCnfsr7D~_pg8Yrq6GsJraS257tlR5c~;WTSDxQ~-~-.bps.a.2815856445104971/2815859181771364/?type=3&theater

To be gratef...

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