Download Worksheets (Classes VI – VIII)

The website may respond slow due to overcrowding. These worksheets are always available for download so do not overload the website.


  1. You are provided with the lessons, explanation and assignments for the lockdown period.
  2. All written work to be done as follows:
    1. Class Prep to write on the given assignment sheets.
    2. Classes 1 – 5 to follow the instructions given by the subject teachers / use old notebook /blank sheets of paper .
    3. Classes 6 – 10
      1. 1st register/notebook/file : English / Social Studies / Hindi
      2. 2nd register/notebook/file : Maths only
      3. 3rd register/notebook/file: All Science subjects
    4. Class 12 to maintain a separate register or a file for each subject.
  3. Registers will be checked once the school reopens.
  4. Teachers will revise the above chapters once the school reopens.
  5. Follow all instructions carefully.
  6. Parents kindly monitor your ward’s day to day work.

Class VI

Class VII

Class VIII