Investiture Ceremony 2023-24

The Investiture Ceremony of the Boys’ High School (BHS) and College was held in the Saint Patrick’s Auditorium at the school premises on Friday. Mr. Abhinav Tyagi, IPS, D.C.P. (Traffic) was the chief guest. The function is of great importance as the school confers ceremonial ranks to the students to inculcate in them values of leadership and responsibility.

At the outset, the BHS Principal, Mr. D. A. Luke, Academic Supervisor Mrs. C. B. Luke and Headmistress Mrs. R. Mandal welcomed the chief guest. The function started with the opening prayer and singing of the school song.

On behalf of newly elected cabinet, College Captain, Ansh Mishra took the oath and promised to discharge the duties and responsibility vested in them by the school to the best of their capability and for the glory of the institution.

Addressing the students, the chief guest, Mr. Tyagi quoted ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. He urged the newly inducted leaders to handle their appointed roles with impartiality and discipline. He also emphasized the significance of upholding the integrity of the badges as these badges symbolize not only their positions but also the trust and faith reposed on them by the institution.

He stressed the importance on striving for excellence in every endeavor. He encouraged the students to set high standards for themselves and their peers, fostering an environment of continuous improvement. At the end, he encouraged the students to consider a path in civil services. He highlighted the impact they could have on society through such a career.

The function came to an end with the vote of thanks by College Section In-charge Dr. (Mrs.) A. R. Mukhopadhyaya followed by the singing of the National Anthem.

The newly elected office-bearers of BHS are as follows: College Captain: Ansh Mishra, 12-F, College Vice Captain: Ujjwal Srivastava, 12-C, College Sports Captain: Mohd Arsh Siddiqui, 12-E, Sports Vice-Captain: Zeeshan Raza, 12-B, Cultural Captain: Shikhar Sanskrit, 12-D, Cultural Vice-Captain: Tejas Bhadauria, 12-A; St. Andrew’s House Captain: Shivansh Agrawal, 12-D, Vice Captain: Devansh Kumar, 12-C; St. Patrick’s House Captain: Vishnu Tiwari, 12-G, Vice Captain: Kartik Raj, 12-D; St. George’s House Captain: Pankaj Mishra, 12-C, Vice Captain: Raj Singh Rathore, 12-D; St. Peter’s House Captain: Sudhanshu Singh, 12-B, Vice Captain: Mohd Shehzer Shahab, 12-C; Cultural Prefects: Advaya Rai, Brahmand, Raghav Chawla, Shreyans Singh, Abhay Soni, Krishiv Kakkar, Aditya Kumar, Vaibhav Shukla, Aryan Srivastava; Football Captain: Anupam Singh, 12-F; Swimming Captain: Nishchal Mishra, 12-B; Cricket Captain: Ansh Mishra, 12-F; Basketball Captain: Pragyan Yadav, 11-E; Badminton Captain: Srijal Srivastava, 12-F; NCC (Army): JUO: Anshuman Yadav, SGT: Abhinav Tiwari, CHM: Priyanshu Chatterji, Corp: Krishna Pandey, Rishabh Srivastava, L.Corp: Abhidev Singh; NCC (Naval): Cadet Captain: Om Sharma, Pranay Mishra, Akshat Jaiswal, Shreyansh Tiwari, Tanmay Upadhyay

The newly elected office-bearers of HTS are as follows: School Captain: Shlok Shangloo, School Vice Captain: Shreyasi Mishra, Sports Captain: Abhyudai Singh, Cultural Captain: Vyanktesh Km Shukla, St. Andrew’s House Captain: Yashasvi Singh, Vice Captain: Ayush Srivastava; St. George’s House Captain: Sherlyn Zyna Mandal, Vice Captain: Aradhya Gupta; St. Patrick’s House Captain: Vaidhrithi Shukla, Vice Captain: Shreyash Kumar Arya; St. Peter’s House Captain: Aradhya Tiwari, Vice Captain: Vaibhav Singh; Prefects: Ayush Rai, Bhuvi Saran, Raghav Makhija, Viraj Srivastava, Shipra Singh, Kavya Srivastava, Suyash Shukla, Devansh Sharma, Arjeet Singh, Krisha Agarwal, Kaustubh Mishra, Shaurya Gupta, Shubheek Srivastava, Rajvardhan Pandey, Vaibhav Chandra, Auric Singh