Commerce Exhibition 2017

To instil practical knowledge and basic understanding of commerce subject, the Commerce Club of Boys’ High School and College has organised an exhibition on Saturday. The idea was to felicitate personality development by involving students in basic practical understanding of the subject. The Principal of Boys’ High School and College, Mr. D. A. Luke inaugurated the exhibition.

Nearly 200 students from class IX to XII took part in the exhibition. The exhibition was divided in two categories — Junior and Senior. The students of class IX and X took part in the Junior category, which was divided into two groups, PowerPoint Presentations and Charts, while the students of class XI and XII participated in the Senior category in working model and non-working model group. In all 67 exhibits were on display. Of them, 31 were in the Junior category, while 36 were in the Senior category. The judges for the exhibition were Mr. K Ghildyal, a retired teacher of BHS, Mr. Navneet Agarwal and Mr. Asit Hajela, both Chartered Accountants.

The exhibits which were highly appreciated and reflected the deep understanding of the students on the contemporary issues were Goods and Services Tax (GST), Demonetization, Evolution of money, Public Distribution System, Burgh Burgee’s Concentric Circle Theory in a modern village, Foreign Exchange, Functioning of market, Advertising, etc.

Addressing the gathering, the Principal Mr. D. A. Luke praised the students for putting up meaningful exhibits and asked them to keep up the good work. He also appreciated the role of the Commerce teachers, Mr. J. Lawrence, Mr. R. Datt and Mr. Y. Arora and teachers of the Middle school for guiding the students in their innovative ideas.

The programme commenced with the opening prayer by Mr. J. Lawrence, followed by Bible reading by Commerce Club President, Siddhartha Manuja. Thereafter, the Cultural Captain, Tanishk Goyal welcomed the guests and delivered the opening speech for the Commerce exhibition 2017. The function was conducted by Cultural Prefects, Saahas Arora and Naman Agarwal.

The judges, in their brief address, appreciated the hard work of the students in putting such a wonderful exhibits and enlightened them about the vast scope in the Commerce field. The exhibition came to an end with the vote of thanks by Commerce Club Vice President, Mohd. Omair Usmani. The certificates were distributed by the judges to the prize winners.

The results are as follows: Class IX & X: Charts: 1st – Market, Then & Now (Manan Dev Singh, Anwar A Rizvi), 2nd – Evolution of Money (Neel Tulsiaini, Abhijeet Raj), 3rd – Foreign Exchange (Akash Narayan, Shayan Shuja); Presentation: 1st – Television Advertisements & their facts (Shivanshu Mohan, Shukman S. Sagar), 2nd – G.S.T. (Hemant Gupta, Apoorv Singh), 3rd – Advertising (Aryan Singh, Kushal Sahu); Class XI & XII: Working Models: 1st – Burgh Burgee’s Concentric Circle Theory (Tanishk Goyal, Naman Agarwal, Saahas Arora, Rishabh Chhabaria), 2nd – Air Pollution (Anas Ahmad, Shamz Zaki Khan, Mohd. Mohsin, Syed M. Rashid Hussain), 3rd – Impact of GST on Transportation & Logistics (Rishabh Singh, Sumit Singh, Shashwat Shukla, Pranshu Mehrotra); Non-working Models: 1st – Public Distribution System (Laksh Kawatra, Shivansh Agarwal, Sarthak Agarwal), 2nd – GST – Merits & Demerits (Sushant Gupta, Haris Shabab, Bishwaroop Bagchi), 3rd – E-Commerce (Piyush Mishra, Madhav Agarwal, Zain-ul-Islam)