Investiture Ceremony 2018

Investiture Ceremony is one of the first formal functions of the school. It is held every year to celebrate the creation of a new set of leaders who are invested with the power to make a difference. After a thorough screening of students the selected ones are formally vested with ranks and positions.

The Investiture Ceremony of Boys’ High School Annexe Holy Trinity School was held on August 8, 2018. On this occasion, Mrs. C. B. Luke. Academic Supervisor was the Chief Guest. Mr. Larry French, In-charge College Section was also present for the occasion.

The programme started with an opening prayer followed by the Bible Reading. While the choir sang the hymn, ‘Lead us Heavenly Father’, the Captains, Vice Captains and Literary Representatives lined up to receive their badges. The School Captain took the oath. The badges to the newly appointed office bearers were given by the Chief Guest Mrs. C. B. Luke and Mr. Larry French.

In her speech Mrs. Luke asked the office bearers to be just and trustworthy and not to betray the trust of the teachers. She further asked the badge holders to have faith in themselves; to be confident but not arrogant. She motivated the newly appointed office bearers and asked them to keep the flag of the school flying high. She advised them to work hard and become a good citizen.
The Headmistress Mrs. R. Mandal congratulated the newly appointed office bearers and encouraged them to carry out their duties responsibly and sincerely throughout the year. The programme came to an end with the National Anthem.

The newly appointed office-bearers are as follows: School Captain: Bharat Aditya Ramana, 8-B; School Vice-captain: Abhra Pandey, 8-C; Sports Captain: Manya Singh, 8-C; Blue House Captain: Priyanshu Dutta, 8-A, Vice-captain: Anushree Modi, 8-A, Prefects: Akshita Singh, Mannu Bagga, Shivansh Chandra Mathur; Green House Captain: Tejas Pratap Singh, 8-A, Vice-captain: Shreyansh Sahu, 8-B, Prefects: Mitanshi Jain, Aparna Mishra, Saksham Agarwal; Yellow House Captain: Pranaya Mehrotra, 8-C; Vice-captain: Suyash Patel, 8-A, Prefects: Varchasva Srivastava, Sumedh Potidar, Shubhangi Pandey; Red House Captain: Shreyansh Yadav, 8-A, Vice-captain: Yash Dubey, 8-C, Prefects: Yash Kamal, Rhit Shukla, Tanishka Singh; Literary Representative: Anugya Singh, 8-D; Sports Representative: Aryan Kesarwani, 8-B; Cultural Representative: Sanskar Sharma, 8-B.