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“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet success in unexpected common hours.”

—Henry David Thoreau

Colvin Boarding House stands proud and prominent, in the centre of the City of Allahabad since its inception in 1864 on the campus of the school. Boys from different backgrounds live under a common roof. It is a “home away from home”. It is a place where a student is nurtured, pruned, disciplined and showered with love and affection. It is so very true when it comes to speaking of Boys’ High School, Colvin Boarding House. It is a nest of many boys of ages 9 to 15 years who grow together in love, harmony and brotherhood. It is a family that gathers children from different places and varying backgrounds and forms one defined rainbow to crown the hostel amidst the famous Prayag City Allahabad. They live as one big family learning together of how to give and share. It is a great pleasure to see these students live, eat, play and study together amiably under one roof and as one family, its great to see them stand by each other with immense brotherly love through trying times.

The hostel provides a host of good facilities a modern home can render to its inmates. The dormitory is vast and is divided into junior and senior houses for better management. The dorms have been equipped with a fabulous recreation room with good indoor games facilities. Regular reading of latest journals and educational magazines is stressed upon by the supervisors. The dorms are equipped with compact beds that have storage space, well kept and hygienic toilets with fitted wash basins, water coolers fitted with bacteria free Aquaguard systems that provide refreshingly cold drinking water, and 24 hrs. running hot/cold water for baths etc. Keeping in mind the existing power cut problems that the citizens of Allahabad city have to endure every summer, the School has provided the Hostel with a massive generator to give power back-up whenever the power goes off to give comfort to the students.

The boys are well looked after by the Hostel Wardens, Mr. D. G. Bennett and Mr. G. Johnstone, who take care of the senior & junior dormitory Hostellers. They keep the boarders in great shape and keep a close eye on the performance of every child. Their achievements in various fields speak for themselves. It can be seen from the academic results and their overall developments in other fields too. The Wardens spend most of their valuable time with the boarders teaching them all good things. Great achievements have been received by the Hostellers. With the joint efforts of the Wardens, the Colvin Boarding House, has received great applause from both the principal and staff. Dedicated and committed help rendered by quality coaching from specialized teachers, the academic performance has improved tremendously. Our hostellers are also good competitors in sports and extra curricular activities. In fact, our Hostellers play an important role in games too such as Football, Cricket, Basket ball and Swimming.

The Hostel has a beautiful spacious, airy, and impeccably clean Dining Hall, and is well equipped with a full fledged kitchen that sends out the aroma of the delicious, nutritious, tasty and healthy food that’s prepared and catered for the boarders in very hygienic conditions, under the direct supervision of Mr. D.G. Bennett, who is skilled and a professional dietician. A modern music system and a water cooler, it is here that the Hostellers celebrate their birthdays, their victories and festivals.

There has been a dramatic change in the upkeep of the hostel. With the coming of the new management, the hostel has experienced a whole new and exciting series of endeavours. As soon as our new principal Mr. David Luke, took over the hostellers were gifted with a new Plasma Television and a new Video System. The whole new set up left the children and the wardens spellbound by this new addition. There have been implementations of regular outings for the students. Not neglecting the spiritual side of the boarders development, regular Sunday church has been reorganized and a bus takes the boarders to and fro. The students were facing leakage problem with the roof, the new management without wasting any time reconstructed and renovated the entire hostel roof.

The whole hostel has a changed infrastructure which is more pleasing to the eyes of children and their parents who have placed the children in our hands. The hostel has a new large study hall adjacent to the dormitory, making it convenient for the boys to go for their routine studies. The study hall is vast and spacious which holds in itself all the modern facilities and very welcoming. It is indeed a very considerate thought by the School Management and most generous thoughts to bring about this change. Adding to the comforts, the recreational side is not left void. Every Saturday the boys are shown a movie. The study hall changes into full fledged theatre with the most resounding system. The children enjoy good English informative movies. The hall is also used for all indoor games and hobby classes. There are more plans and visions in the mind of our Principal Mr. David Luke, and the New Management which will unfold itself with the strides of each passing day. And we hope and pray that everything we plan and desire may come to pass for the betterment of the children.


D. G. Bennett



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