Annual Sports Day 2018

Sportsmen of the Saint Andrew’s House proved their grit and determination at the Annual Sports Day of Boys’ High School and College annexe, Holy Trinity School (HTS) and bagged the Athletic Shield. Saint Patrick’s House was the runners-up, while Saint Peter’s House was placed in the third position. The campus of Holy Trinity School was abuzz with excitement and liveliness. Mrs. Sangeeta Haqq, Principal of Saint Andrew’s School was the chief guest. Mrs. C.B. Luke, Academic Supervisor of Boys’ High School (BHS) and College was also present.

The Juniors of HTS from nursery to class III, turned out in full strength for the splendid show. The spectators were spell bound to see the breathtaking and colourful display of drills and races. Dressed up as ‘Rockstars’, the kids of nursery displayed various formations on the beats of the drum. The brave warriors of class Prep displayed might and power as ‘Bahubali’. Thereafter, the field was converted into a dance floor when the students of class 3 performed ‘Dandia’ on the popular Bollywood beats. Over the garden, underneath the tree, came the students of class 1 as funny caterpillars with their race who were going to fly as butterflies one day. Spring in the garden, the race by students of class II celebrated life through the race where each element of spring was displayed by the students.

In her motivational address, the Chief Guest, Mrs. Sangeeta Haqq and the Academic Supervisor, Mrs. C. B. Luke congratulated the students and teachers for their hard work in putting up an excellent performance.
After the Juniors, the students of class IV to VIII came to the field to display their sporting talents in various events. The Chief Guest was Rt. Rev. John S. Maurice, Bishop (Retd.), Evangelical Church of India.

The programme began with the colourful March Past of the four Houses led by Sports Captain, Manya Singh. The Chief Guest, Rt. Rev. Maurice took salute of the marching contingents and declared the Sports Meet open.
In the Inter House Drill competition, Blue House bagged the first place, followed by Yellow House in the second and Red House at the third place. After the Inter House drill, the students of class 4 to 8 presented Inter House Pyramid. Each pyramid exhibited their endeavour towards a common triumph and success. Yellow House bagged the first place while the Blue and Green House came second and third respectively. The winner of the March Past was Yellow House followed by the Red and Green Houses.

At the end, the vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs. R. Mandal, Headmistress of the school. The programme came to an end with the National Anthem.

The results are as follows: Individual Trophies: ‘A’ Div: Kovid Dubey (G) & Nivriti Agarwal (R), ‘B’ Div: Shreyans Yadav (R) & Manya Singh (Y), ‘C’ Div: Mohd. Daniyal (G) & Udisha Mishra (G), ‘D’ Div: Vaidik Singh (Y) & Shivanshi Singh (B); 100m (Boys) ‘A’ Div.: Atamaj Solanki (B) – I, Shashwat Gupta (G) – II, Kovid Dubey (G) – III; ‘B’ Div.: Shreyans Yadav (R) – I, Tejas Pratap Singh (G) – II, Abhra Pandey (B) – III; ‘C’ Div.: Mohd. Daniyal (G) – I, Anurag Chaubey (R) – II, Shubham Jha (B) – III; 100m (Girls) ‘A’ Div.: Nivriti Agarwal (R) – I, Vaishnavi Srivastava (B) – II, Nandini Singh (Y) – III; ‘B’ Div.: Manya Singh (Y) – I, Aparna Mishra (G) – II, Priya Pandey (G) – III; ‘C’ Div.: Udisha Mishra (G) – I, Adishree Chakravorty (Y) – II, Samridhi Gupta (Y) – III; 200m (Boys) ‘A’ Div.: Atamaj Solanki (B) – I, Kovid Dubey (G) – II, Shashwat Gupta (G) – III; ‘B’ Div.: Shreyans Yadav (R) – I, Tejas Pratap Singh (G) – II, Animesh Bhattacharya (Y) – III; ‘C’ Div.: Mohd. Daniyal (G) – I, Nikhil Singh (Y) – II, Anurag Chaubey (R) – III; 200m (Girls) ‘A’ Div.: Mitanshi Jain (G) – I, Nivriti Agarwal (R) – II, Shreya Chatterji (R) – III; ‘B’ Div.: Manya Singh (Y) – I, Aparna Mishra (G) – II, Priya Pandey (G) – III; ‘C’ Div.: Udisha Mishra (G) – I, Adeena Sayeed (Y) – II, Samridhi Gupta (Y) – III; 4x100m Relay ‘A’ Division (Boys): Red – I, Blue – II, Green – III; ‘B’ Division: Blue – I, Green – II, Red – III; ‘C & D’ Division: Yellow – I, Green – II, Blue – III; 4x100m Relay ‘A & B’ Division (Girls): Yellow – I, Green – II, Red – III; ‘C & D’ Division: Green – I, Blue – II, Yellow – III.