The Colvin Boarding House provides an unparalleled second home experience for its boarding students, where late-night conversations and shared laughter seamlessly blend with thrilling adventures that give rise to unforgettable moments. Nestled within the secure embrace of a hostel, a strong camaraderie flourishes, fostering a genuine sense of belonging and creating a truly homely ambiance.

Our commitment to a secure, secular environment enables students to thrive not only intellectually, but also morally and creatively. With air-conditioned dormitories that offer utmost comfort, lavish lavatories that prioritize hygiene and convenience, water coolers to keep students refreshed, and a spacious, pristine mess area, the current setup leaves no room for compromise. Furthermore, our dedicated management consistently seeks avenues to elevate the existing amenities, ensuring an ever-improving experience for our cherished residents.

The Colvin Boarding House also stands unwavering in its dedication to nurturing a student’s physical development. Daily sports and games activities take center stage, compulsory in nature to encourage holistic growth. In addition, specialized academic reinforcement classes complement classroom instruction, offering an enriched learning journey that propels students towards excellence.

This cherished legacy is upheld with heartfelt gratitude towards our Principal, Mr. D. A. Luke, whose visionary leadership paves the path for the future, and our esteemed Academic Supervisor, Mrs. C. B. Luke, whose unwavering commitment plays an instrumental role in shaping the destinies of our bright young minds. As we carry forward this invaluable tradition, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of providing an unparalleled educational haven that nurtures, inspires, and transforms.