There has been no leader or educator of any art that canencompass education alone. The contribution and significanceis the appreciation of his relation to the legacy and vision. When we respect our ancestors and our educational standings, we feel rooted. If we find ways to cherish and develop our heritage, we will avoid the kind of alienation that is destroying society, and we will become whole again. Learning to touch deeply the jewels of our own tradition will allow us to understand and appreciate the values of other’s, and this will benefit nation as a whole.

Boys’ High school and college, a hundred and sixty two years old isn’t etched in its degrees, but in the lasting transformation it brings to the lives of its students.
It has been a privilege and honor to be at the helm of affairs of this great institution since 2011. The effects of pandemic still hangs on, the fast changing technology and it’s effect on our generation continues to pose serious challenges. Integrating our systems to assimilate modern requirements needs constant changes in our infrastructure as well as curriculum.

Every building in our campus has a soul; the architect who designed it gave a part of his soul. Too maintain its dignity and grandeur is a relentless effort and I have done it in all earnestness. We have made some structural and new addition to our existing one’s. We have installed floodlights to our sprawling playground so that evening games can be organized. Our Colvin Boys hostel has now become fully air-conditioned with new beds and fully renovated washrooms alongwith a new infirmary has been provided to ensure best medical facility.

National Education Policy, 2020 (NEP) envisions a massive transformation in education through “an education system rooted in Indian ethos that contributes directly to transforming India, that is Bharat, sustainably into an equitable and vibrant knowledge society, by providing high quality education to all, thereby making India a global knowledge superpower.” It is our commitment to this transformation and vision that we have upgraded our curriculum and inculcated changes to make education joyous and holistic. We have introduced new branches like artificial intelligence and robotics providing relevant skills of contemporary times. Our laboratories have again be upgraded and expanded to meet the growing requirements of quality education.
Sports teaches us to put in your best efforts. If we do success is guaranteed in life. We at Boys high school and college lay great emphasis on sports and games. It inculcates discipline and team work. We have started Academy for football, basketball, cricket and swimming. It is a matter of great pride for us that students from other institutions have also joined our fully equipped academy with trained coaches.

The most intriguing teachers’ you will encounter in this life are the one’s who had insights about you, that you didn’t know about yourself. A happy and joyous teacher is a positive asset to the education system. It has been my constant endeavour to provide a conducive and secure environment for them. I have tried my level best to provide financial and technical security to the best possible level. Besides, salaries other social security measures like gratuity payments have been introduced. A new conference room ‘ St Andrew’s Lyceum has been constructed for seminars and meetings. I do assure that I will continue to bring in change to further secure and improve their living standards.

When theoretical curriculum and co-curricular activities are integrated, your chance of learning more and exploring your strengths, interests, and abilities becomes higher. Therein lies the importance of co-curricular activities, which are supplementary to the theoretical curriculum.

The world has changed so fundamentally in the last few decades that the roles of learning and education in day-to-day living have also changed forever. The significance of co-curricular cannot be undermined. We organise megafest ‘Alfresco’ every year to provide a platform for students of different institutions to showcase their talents in a wide spectrum of events. Every successive year this megafest has grown in its size and stature.

The power formed by a group of people working together towards a common goal has within his grasp one of the greatest powers to overcome any challenges. The strides we have made, the accomplishments, The growth we wish to achieve is only possible with a strong and motivated team. I take this opportunity to thank all my coordinator’s and my office staff who have tirelessly worked to put shape to our dreams. It is them who put into practice every guidelines and policies. It is the combined efforts of our coordinators and teacher’s alike that we have been able to achieve phenomenal results.

A mode of conduct, a standard of courage, discipline, fortitude and integrity can do a great deal to make this world beautiful and better place.Post pandemic has brought forth new challenges relating to deviant behaviour. Addiction to mobile phone, exposure to violent video games, access to high levels of pocket money and truant behaviour has left us a handful to deal with. It is with heavy heart we also experience indifferent attitude of parents who readily provide gadgets and conveniences to their wards not relatable to their age. The result is indiscipline and non- compliance. I call upon all the parents to kindly maintain a balance. The children do not need your presents but your presence.

There are going to be times when you learn more about the world you’re entering and feel defeated when you see the gap between the ideal and the reality.To be strong and fearless, and to believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you. I am greatly privileged and honoured to have our academic supervisor Ms C.B. Luke who has constantly worked for improvement in the pedagogy of teaching-learning system. Her contribution has been indispensable for our success and development.

My deepest thanksgiving to the almighty for giving me strength and guidance during testing times. For showing me the path to righteousness and the resilience to fight evil designs.