Saint Andrew’s House has stood the test of time and the students enrolled have carved a niche for the House in every sphere—on and off the field. Be it academics, sports, games and curricular events, and our students’ contribution have always remained unparalleled and they have kept the flag of the House flying high. The extra effort of the students propels them to stand as a winner. Winning takes a lot more than hard work, that is desire, determination, discipline, self sacrifice, and finally, fair play and respect for your fellow competitors. Nelson Mandela has rightly stated, “I never lose, either I win or I learn.”


  1. The success of the House started with the Badminton Championship, in which the Saint Andrews’ House clinched the Badminton Shield with the commendable efforts from Shaurya Moses, Alvin Anto Thomas and Sarthak Sharma.
  2. In the Ernest Egbert Memorial Inter-House Creative Writing competition,. St. Andrew’s House came out as the champions of the event with Subraanshu Pratap Singh, Shivansh Chandra Mathur and Bharat Vyas taking home the first, second and third prizes from the College Section.
  3. It was a proud moment for Saint Andrew’s House when we the bagged the trophies at the Jefferson Gardener Memorial Inter-House Quiz Competition and the A.T. Flynn Memorial Inter-House Debate Competition. Some mentionable names from these competitions are of Bharat Vyas, who show-cased exceptional oratory skills and won the best speaker for the motion in the senior category whereas Shreyansh Vinay and Shivansh Dwivedi bagged all the titles in the junior category.

4.The versatility of Saint Andrew’s House was visible in the Investiture Ceremony of the session 2022-2023; where 7 out of the 16 badges and posts went to the St. Andrews’ House. From the post of the College Vice-captain, to the Cultural Prefects, our House reigned supreme.

  1. The next major event was Basketball. There too, our boys did not fail to prove their mettle. The players under the able leadership of Kabir Krishnan, did exceptionally well. Siddarth Singh, Yash Gupta, Anant Agarwal, Yash Kesarwani and Bharat Vyas displayed their talent and outclassed their opponents.
  2. In football too, our boys have always shown keen interest to bag the football trophy. This year also, the House maintained its winning streak in the Inter House Football Tournament. Some impressive displays of footwork were exhibited by Abhra Pandey, who led the House, Vinayak Pratap Singh, Devesh Kumar, and Shivansh Chandra Mathur.
  3. At Alfresco, an Inter-Institutional Cultural and Games Extravaganza, the driving force of the St. Andrews’ House led the Boys’ High School and College to lift the Champions’ Trophy. Vinayak Pratap Singh, of St. Andrews’ House was awarded the Max Knack- Star Performer’s trophy.
  4. On 5th of November, on the occasion of Founders’ Day Service, St. Andrews’ House put up a dapper and harmonized performance. The boys after completing the Thanksgiving Service at the Church returned to the school where the Principal applauded and appreciated the splendid performance of the marching squad.
  5. Excellence is a gradual result of always striving to do better. Proving this statement to be true, the St. Andrew’s House pulled through at the last moment to clutch the Athletic Shield, with outstanding performances from some of the athletes. Vinayak Pratap Singh, the Sports Captain, set a new record in triple jump, recording 11.42 meters. Some exceptional performances were given by Salunkhe Sohan, Ansh Mishra, Zeeshan Raza and Ankit Yadav from the ‘O’ division, and Shivendra Pratap Singh and Priyanshu Banodia from the ‘A’ division. The ‘B’ division outshone them all with magnificent performances by Hasan Raza, Prakhar Maurya, Pranjal Sharma, Adhya Singh and Siddarth Singh. A ray of hope for the St. Andrews’ House came in the form of Mohd. Afzal, who won the best athlete trophy in the ‘C’ division. Swastik Jaiswal, from the ‘D’ division also gave the other athletes a run for their money. St. Andrews’ House achieved victory (with a collective effort from all the participants in the marching squad) in both the senior and the junior category. Anurag Singh led the House to victory in the Tug-o-War, where the House won both the senior, as well as the junior category with commendable efforts from Zeeshan Raza, Ankit Yadav, Anant Gaur, Pratham Mishra, and many others.
  6. Coming to the end of the academic year was the last and the most intensely awaited event, the Cricket Championship. The St. Andrew’s House once again proved its mettle and won the championship with the help from our star cricketers, Sanskaar Sharma, Mohd. Ayaan, and Kushagra Gupta.
  7. A very special thanks to our House Master, Dr. Y. Arora for his constant help, support and guidance to each of his students. The contribution of Mr. R. Luke, Mr. S. K. Mishra, Mr. S. Arora and Mr. A. Chattree cannot be overlooked. Hereafter, thanks and gratitude flow out from the bottom of our hearts to our coaches Mr. K.C. Biswas, Mr. A Ghosh, Mr. P. Mishra and Mr. D. Yeoward and all the other teachers who were attached to Saint Andrews’ House.
  8. We, on behalf of the St. Andrew’s House, would also like to thank our Principal, Mr. D. A. Luke and our Academic Supervisor, Mrs. C. B. Luke, for providing the students an opportunity and the house to showcase their talents on innumerable occasions and for rewarding them for their excellent performance.