English Elocution Competition (Middle School) – V -VIII

Elocution Competition is one of the most important literary activity at Boys’ High School and College. It helps the students to combat with the biggest fear factor, that is, `stage fear’. Training the children in oratory skills is quite challenging yet the outcome leaves everyone entranced. Like every year, this year too, the English Elocution Competition was held in the school. The participants through their oratory skills have won the hearts of the judges and made the event really memorable. The Principal, Mr. D. A. Luke and Academic Supervisor, Mrs. C. B. Luke appreciated the performance of the students and asked them to keep up the good work.

The results are as follows

Class V (Individual Category)
Mohd. Areeb Hamza (V-C) : I
Trayenbakesh Dwivedi (V-E) : II
Meezan (V-B) : III
Group Winner : V-B

Class VI (Individual Category)
Mohd. Raza (VI-A) : I
Hasan Saleem (VI-E) : II
Sayeed Ibrahim Ahmad (VI-F) : III
Advaya Rai (VI-B) : III
Group Winner : VI-A

Class VII (Individual Category)
Shorya A. Moses (VII-E) : I
Dhruv Madhyan (VII-C) : II
Arav Shukla (VII-C) : III

Class VIII (Individual Category)
Shivansh Singhal (VIII-E) : I
Prakhar Raj (VIII-D) : II
Ishitav Kumar (VII-B) : III