Annual Prize Day (Nursery-V)

To felicitate the students of the Junior school of Boys’ High School (BHS) and College for their outstanding achievements in academics, the Annual Prize Day was held in the Middle School Hall on Saturday. The BHS Principal, Mr. D. A. Luke was the chief guest on this occasion.
The hard work of the talented students of Nursery to class 5 were given due recognition. The prize winners portrayed the characteristics of true gentlemen and were cheered as they walked up to receive the prizes. The prestigious Mrs. Margaret Anthony Running Trophy for the Best Boy in Junior School was bagged by Trayambakesh Dwivedi of class 5-E with 96 per cent marks.
The programme started with a welcome address by Mrs. R. Datt, followed by Bible reading and opening prayer by Mrs. S. Kumar. The children of class 3 and 4 rendered a melodious song which was highly appreciated by the audience. The Junior school choir presented the school song, while the Middle school choir sang the school hymn.
The prizes for children of Nursery and Prep were distributed by the Academic Supervisor, Mrs. C. B. Luke, class 1 and 2 by Mr. I. Saunders, class 3 by Mrs. S. Ghosh, class 4 by Mr. L.A.M. French and class 5 by the chief guest Mr. D. A. Luke.
The chief guest, Mr. D. A. Luke, congratulated the prize winners for their hard work which they have put in to achieve excellence in academics. Quoting a famous proverb, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, he encouraged the students to play games as it helps to develop their personalities.
The function ended with a vote of thanks by Mrs. D. Jonathan followed by the National Anthem.
The names of the prize winners are as follows: Nur A: Riyaal Ali—I, Shaurya Pratap Singh—II; Nur B: Mohd. Farhan Alam—I, Mubashshir Rehman—II; Nur C: Ehan Ahmad—I, Mohd. Usman—II; Nur D: Mohd. Yusuf—I, Samarth Agrahari—II; Prep A: Arnav Srivastav—I, Mohd. Hamza Hasan—II; Prep B: Anant Agarwal—I, Akshat Singh Parihar—II; Prep C: Ali Ahmad Ansari—I, Zafeer Uddin—II; Prep D: Augustya Jaiswal—I, Rudransh Prakash—II; 1A: Mohd. Ariz Hasan—I, Mohd. Maaz—II; 1B: Ridhiman Singh—I, Rayan Azmi—II; 1C: Shauzab Shabaz—I, Shaurya—II; 1D: Rudransh Rai—I, Zeedan Ahmad Ansari—II; 1E: Prakarsh Agrawal—I, Yuvraj Singh—II; 1F: S. Soman—I, Syed Ahsan Hussain—II; 2A: Rudransh Chauhan—I, Dikshansh Raj Jaiswal—II; 2B: Shreshth Srivastava—I, Mohd. Arham—II; 2C: Manas Dev Tiwari—I, Hussain Abbas—II; 2D: Atharv Tiwari—I, Mohd. Aayan Siddiqui—II; 2E: Ankit Tripathi—I, Anshuman Singh—II; 2F: Atharv Sahu—I, Mohd. Zaurain Ansari—II; 3A: Arihant Nayak—I, Rakshit Srivastava—II; 3B: Kushagra Jaiswal—I, Faraz Ahmad—II; 3C: Aryan Ojha—I, Atharv Sethi—II; 3D: Aryaman Pandey—I, Mohd. Maaz—II; 3E: Shresth Kumar Aarush—I, Ali Naqvi—II: 3F: Asmit Patel—I, Kushagra Marwah—II; 4A: Atharva Srivastava—I, Varun Arora—II; 4B: Kumar Divya—I, Rehan Ahmad Ansari—II; 4C: Krishna Tripathi—I, Shreyansh Vinay—II; 4D: Arush Singh—I, Shreyas Krishna—II; 4E: Akhand Pratap Singh—I, Vedansh Jaiswal—II; 4F: Aditya Ghosh—I, Akshat Rastogi—II; 5A: Swapnil Verma—I, Shaan Patel—II; 5B: Shubhro Chatterjee—I, Anoop Shekhar—II; 5C: Aditya Apoorva—I, Divyansh Tripathi—II; 5D: Samarth Srivastava—I, Bhaskar Pal—II; 5E: Trayambakesh Dwivedi—I, Mohd. Shafil Khan—II; 5F: Akshat Saxena—I, Mohd. Aasim Ansari—II.